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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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25th-Oct-2017 09:28 pm - Wired article about AC
Animal Crossing
I just thought this would be cool to share - https://www.wired.com/2014/03/animal-crossing-director/

I realized it's from 2014, but it's new to me!
14th-Apr-2017 06:54 pm - Comic expo prep time!
birds, peaceful
I made a series of villager pictures, which you can see on DevArt and I'm making them into stickers and magnets for an upcoming comic expo. It's a big job! Once the expo is over, I'll probably make some more. I asked some folks for suggestions and got a long list :-)

You can always tell when it's comic expo time in our house.

4th-Feb-2017 10:42 am - ACNL
Animal Crossing
Is anyone else crazy for Puzzle League? I had a cold for most of January and all I could do was play it constantly. I managed to pass the first two story mode rounds and am on the third where you can use an Amiibo - I only have Celeste. It's seriously addictive!
27th-Dec-2016 10:14 pm - Toy Day!
Animal Crossing
Hi friends, how did Toy Day go? I realized how I missed it last year - I had started my town on December 20 and was a total newb! I was surprised at how easy it was but also how hard it was to get clues out of the animals :-D

Bonus fun - Apollo said the cream sofa was just what he wanted. Now a few days later he's trying to give it away :-D
6th-Dec-2016 01:31 pm - Laputa Gates CLOSED
reese, animal crossing, new leaf, friendcode, acnf
Thank you to everyone who came over! Sorry I wasn't chatty. Having a bit of a weird day.

Gates are Open for Naughty-or-Nice day! Isabelle is at the plaza, make sure you pop by and say hello to her. There's also a cute photo board there. It's an EU specific holiday so if you haven't experienced it come on by!

Chai's RV is also in town today if you'd like anything from her. It's also Kyle's birthday today. Reese is buying turnips for 119 bells.

I'm semi-AFDS as I read but I am next to my DS so I will probably say hi :) Please don't run in my town but do feel free to shop all you want.

Gates may be closed for a couple hours later but I'll make sure I reopen them so just keep an eye out for them.
5th-Dec-2016 08:36 pm - Toy Day Question.....
reese, animal crossing, new leaf, friendcode, acnf
Does anyone know if I have two characters (my mayor and my husband) do they both get a different set of Toy Day hints? Or are all the hints the same? I've collected a bunch for me but it's his first time playing Toy Day so I want to make sure he enjoys it.

Thanks in advance!
2nd-Dec-2016 09:00 pm - Petition
reese, animal crossing, new leaf, friendcode, acnf
Is anyone able to let me swing by to collect a couple signatures for a petition please?

Thank you, Kitty!
24th-Nov-2016 12:40 pm - Game crashing?
Is anyone else having problems with their copy of the game ever since the amiibo update? Is it just me? :\

I have the downloaded version, and it's been either freezing or crashing and it's getting very frustrating to play.... The first time it happened was the day after I updated, I was opening a fortune cookie on Main Street and the whole game went black and pressing "Home" on my 3DS did nothing. I had to shut the power off, turn it back on, then the entire home screen was blank for at least 15 minutes.

I turned it off again, then the only thing that would load was the cartridge of Tomodachi Life that I had inserted into the game slot. I was terrified that I had lost my entire SD card as nothing would load up, but after a final shut off and restart everything BUT my copy of New Leaf appeared and I was sure that my save was gone. I was afraid to turn it off yet again but that did the trick as it came back and my save file was fine. All that happened was that I lost the two hours of play time that I did before the game went black.
A few more times my game has frozen when going to the island or coming back from the island (which is a huge bummer after getting my medals) and once more while I was diving in the ocean in town. But those times weren't as significant or fearful as the first time, as the Home button takes me back to my 3DS just fine and the game is still there.

I don't think it's my 3DS itself or even the SD card, as I've been using DoodleSwap & played Four Swords & Tomodachi Life for a while to test it and nothing happens with any of those games.
If it IS my copy of the game, I don't know what I can possibly do to fix it. I've never hacked my game or ran anything other than official Nintendo products, so it's definitely not my own doing. I haven't even used the amiibo feature yet! Kinda makes me scared to try it one day. :(
22nd-Nov-2016 12:50 pm - Laputa Gates Open
reese, animal crossing, new leaf, friendcode, acnf
Gates now closed. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! I'll be open again tomorrow and on Thursday so please come by!

Hi all!

Gates to Laputa will be open all day today (I'm heading to work in a few hours).

RVs today are Blanca and Toby! (the new Keroppi character).
There's a calm painting for sale in Re-Tail which is real.
Redd is in the plaza - I believe the proper painting is the one that's real.

Reese is buying turnips for 128 bells!
17th-Nov-2016 09:56 pm - Hello and my dream address
Animal Crossing
Hi friends, I just discovered this community! I have been playing ACNL for about a year and before that I played it on the Game Cube. I still have my Game Cube game active...we fired it up for fun last year and Twiggy complained about how it had been 400+ weeks since I last spoke to him, hehe!

I will edit this post with my friend code tomorrow!

17th-Nov-2016 03:18 pm - Swapnote
bucky get out much
Hey kids, guess what? Swapnote is back...


As always, my friend code for 3DS games is 4382-2886-8245
17th-Nov-2016 12:44 am - Gates closed!!
reese, animal crossing, new leaf, friendcode, acnf
Gates closed!! Thanks for visiting guys!!

Leaving gates open overnight! Come and chill in the early morning music :)

Raddle and Nate are in the RV camp

Octavian and Ketchup have moved in (Ketchup's in boxes)

Gates will remain open until the morning or until they crash - whichever comes first.

14th-Nov-2016 02:35 pm - Ketchup's RV in Laputa
reese, animal crossing, new leaf, friendcode, acnf
I'll have my gates open in a little while. I've got Pavé and Ketchup's RVs in the campground so come on over and say hi! Ketchup has the most adorable glass teapot from HHD if you've been looking for that.

Usual visiting rules apply :)
10th-Nov-2016 11:35 am - Laputa - Gates open Friday 11th!
reese, animal crossing, new leaf, friendcode, acnf
Gates will be open on and off all evening!

Haven't recieved any new RV cards yet (and the Sanrio ones aren't available until the 25th - silly me!) so I've invited Isabelle to drop by in her RV! She's got the Wii U Console and 3DS if you haven't found them yet - as well as some great new furniture! Laputa's campsite is just to the left of the town tree.

Reese is buying turnips at 60 bells (boo!) and peaches are at a premium today

Please don't run. I've got tons of flowers around!

Shop, write letters, chat to the villagers, etc etc.

If anyone has a bushel of pears (just normal ones!) they can spare that would be amazing.

Cyrano and Vladimir (pending adoption) are going to be booted out over the next couple days so if you want them then please let me know!

I'm semi AFDS but it's next to me as I drink tea and read :)


Hi all!

I've got a day off tomorrow and I'm 100% planning on playing AC during the day. I'm also hoping to get my new amiibo cards (the Sanrio pack!) in tomorrow. So I'll be inviting in one of the villagers to camp out in their RV.

If anyone wants to swing by then please come round whenever you see the gates open. I'll update this post tomorrow with turnip prices and any extra info. 
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